Strain Gage Installation Kit SGK-01

Strain Gage Installation Kit SGK-01


The Strain Gage Installation Kit allows a fast, easy and reproducible way of installing the fiber optic Strain Gages SG-01 and the fiber optic Strain Gage Chain SGC-01 to various surfaces. Installation of the optical gages happens using a patented methodology which makes use of a specially designed, reusable mounting tool called a sensor pad.

The optical gages can be installed with two different adhesives: a UV-curable adhesive and a cyano-acrylate based rapid curable adhesive. Installation with the UV-curable adhesive is the preferred method as it is highly controllable. This method requires an extra UV source which is sold as a separate accessory.





Based on optical fiber measurement principle

Fiber optic sensing advantages apply

Kit contains all necessary materials to get started User friendly manual describing installation steps

Both experienced as non experienced operators can perform the installation

DTG (fiber optic sensor) directly glued to the surface of the structure

No interference from sensor pads during measurements

Use of highly adhesive DTG coating with high Young’s Modulus (Ormocer®)

Excellent strain transfer through coating

UV-curable or cyano-acrylate glue

Short curing times (within a few minutes)

Patented sensor installation pad

Fast, easy and reproducible installation Installed and ready to measure in less than 20 minutes

Full performance validation on various substrates

Multi-material and application use

Method fatigue tested:

negligible fatigue influence up to 2 million cycles

Excellent fatigue resistance:

durable, reliable and highly reproducible

Optical fiber tensile strain remains very high

High lifetime under severe strain conditions

900µm buffered fiber with 28mm free fiber length

Easy to handle

Splicing or connecting into a chain is possible

Possible to use sensors in series configuration

Completely packaged

Ruggedized and waterproof ABS casing

Suitable for field use

Resistant in harsh environmental conditions

All Kit items are refillable and delivered from stock

Easy to access, quick delivery

Possibility to be trained by Sylex experts

Assurance of quality installation

Technical parameters





Temperature operating range

-45 °C to 90 °C

-30 °C to 90 °C

Strain range

-5000 με to +5000  με