Strain Gage Chain SGC-01

Strain Gage Chain SGC-01


The Strain Gage Chain SGC-01 is a spliceless chain of several fiber optic Strain Gages in series. These Strain Gages are the fiber optic equivalent of electrical strain gages. The Strain Gages can be mounted directly on the surface of a structure by means of an adhesive. In this way, the fiber sensor makes direct contact with the surface and therefore measures directly the strain at the surface. Installation of the optical Strain Gages happens preferably by means of the Sylex Strain Gage Installation Kit (SGK-01).The sensors are produced using a unique production process which ensures high strength of the fibers which in turns makes sure that the sensors have an excellent fatigue behaviour. Also the fiber coating is specifically developed for strain sensing applications and so it need not to be removed prior to installation of the sensors.


  • Single fiber cable containing multiple sensing points
  • Fully configurable according to the customer needs
  • High strength sensors implying excellent fatigue resistance
  • Direct fixation of the sensors to the surface(s) to be monitored

Technical parameters



Strain resolution

0.85 με

Strain precision

1.7 με

Strain range

1 %(long term)

5 %(short term)

Operating temperature range

-50 °C to  +130 °C

Active gage length

8 mm

Overall gage length

28 mm

Fiber diameter (coated)

195 µm

Tubing material


Tubing diameter

0.9 mm

Connector type



  • measure strain changes (due to tension, compression and bending) of metallic or composite structures at multiple positions employing only a single optical fiber