Sylex presents trunk systems with Duralino fanout®.

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SYLEX s.r.o.

Mlynské luhy 31
821 05 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

GPS coordinates:
480 9‘ 24“ N, 170 10‘ 53“ E

Phone: +421-2 4820 1811 
FAX: +421-2 4820 1819 
E-mail: sales(at)sylex.sk

Sensors & Sensing systems


Sylex, as a partner and co-investor in FBGS International, is since July 2011 taking over and continue the business of FOS&S in the Civil engineering & Geotechnical market with dedicated strain gauges, extensometers, displacement sensors, pressure, temperature, load cells, and other.


Fiber Optic Sensors


Sylex sensing solutions are extensively used in Civil & Geotechnical engineering, mainly for Structural Health Monitoring of bridges, dams, tunnels, buildings, historical monuments, etc. By monitoring parameters such as strain, load, displacement and temperature.


Read-out units (Interrogators)


Sylex optical interrogators (High accuracy Fibre Optic measurement devices) are designed to work with existing fibre-optic FBG sensor to create a complete sensing system for harsh environments. Interrogators allow to measure multiple optical channels (up to 16) by means of optical switch and/or multiple sensors per one optical channel.