Pressure sensor P-01

Pressure Sensor P-01


The fiber optic Pressure sensor measures pressures ranging from 1 up to 150 bar. The head of the sensor is foreseen with a thread that allows connecting the sensor to pipelines, valves, vessels or to a porous stone so that the sensor can be used to measure ground water or sea water pressures. The sensor is equipped with an internal temperature sensor meant for temperature compensation.


  • Fiber optic Pressure sensing within a range from 0 - 1 bar up to 0 - 150 bar
  • Watertight and ruggedized housing, applicable in harsh environments
  • Temperature compensation by means of an internal fiber optic temperature sensor
  • Optionally extendable with a porous stone to measure ground or sea water pressures

Technical parameters 



Full scale range

1/ 5/ 10/ 20/ 50/ 100/ 150 bar

Pressure resolution

≤ 0.125 % FS

Pressure precision

≤ 0.25 % FS

Temperature range

-20 °C to +60 °C

Sensing head thread

M 18 x 1.0

Housing material


Pigtail diameter

3 mm

Pigtail length

1.5 m

Pigtail material


Connector type


Water tightness



  • flow control and liquid level measurements in reservoirs and all sorts of pipelines
  • to measure ground water and sea water pressures / levels using the porous stones as accessory tool



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