Company profile

SYLEX, a mid-size company founded in 1995, is a world-class original design manufacturer of high quality optical interconnect solutions and fiber optic sensing/monitoring solutions.

Since the beginning of our existance, we consider research and development (R&D) as an integral part of our competitive advantage building, since our primary goal is to flexibly meet the needs and expectations of customers around the globe. This is also the reason, why our research is not limited by in-house approach – and our research and engineering professionals have established a fruitful collaboration with universities and research agencies abroad as well.


For telecom and datacom markets we specialize in designing and manufacturing MTP® harnesses, PRIZM® LightTurn®, PRIZM® MT, MXC assemblies, high density fiber optic shuffles and Duralino Fanout® trunks for enterprise, carrier, and specialty applications. Our superb engineering and design capabilities, strong quality control systems, and substantial manufacturing capacity allows us to deliver both high-volume and custom-tailored solutions extremely rapidly as clients or the market require.

Sensing systems

SYLEX offers automated monitoring solutions based on modernized FBG technology. These systems are used to monitor the structural health and operational conditions of infrastructure objects within many industries – civil, geotechnical, energy or transportation infrastructure, chemical, oil & gas or process control and automation.

Added value