Company profile

SYLEX is a mid-sized company founded in 1995 and a world-class contract manufacturer of high-quality fiber-optic interconnect solutions and sensing systems. With 250 employees and 7,000m2 size of workspace, we serve more than 200 clients around the globe per year. Our collaborations with universities and research centres continue to enhance our production capabilities and ensure our readiness to quickly integrate innovative new products for our clients. With our engineering and design expertise, robust quality control systems, and efficient manufacturing processes, we excel in delivering custom-tailored solutions rapidly and effectively, whether it’s a one-piece order or a high-volume production run. We are a friendly, approachable team with a well-organised production facility, strong quality processes and great scale-up potential. Our unwavering commitment to providing top-quality products makes us a trusted choice in the industry. We welcome the opportunity to discuss even your most challenging requests.


As a leading provider of fiber optic termination solutions, SYLEX specialises in designing and manufacturing fiber optic assemblies with a wide range of connectors, including standard single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors, lensed connectors, and special connectors dedicated to various applications and markets. Our cutting-edge products are meticulously designed and manufactured to cater to industries such as telecom, datacom, on-board optics, general industry, harsh environment, defence, and avionics.

Sensing systems

SYLEX offers automated monitoring solutions based on modernised FBG technology. These systems are used to monitor the structural health and operational conditions of infrastructure objects within many industries such as civil, geotechnical, marine, energy, transportation, chemical, oil & gas, or process control.

Added value