Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Dear business partners and friends,

We in Sylex s.r.o believe, that our most valuable asset isour employees, who along with other stakeholders and third partieshave the right to work in a safe environment. Management of the company regards the assurance of occupational health and safety for employees, visitors, suppliers working inside the Company and the public as a priority issueof its business conduct.

The OH&S policy represents an obligation for the Company and establishes goals towards improving working conditions as well as occupational health and safety. The OH&S policy is a key element in the management system as it provides basic orientation, requires a direction for developing the OH&S, presents the Company philosophy for the working culture and presents a complete approach for management and employees.

The management of the Company has made the following goals within the OH&S policy:

  • To increase and over the long term to perfect the level of the occupational health andsafety management system with the goal of limiting potential health threats caused by technical processes, technical equipment, human activities and the work environment.
  • To secure regular professional preparation, qualifications, employee trainings and to develop employee awareness of OH&S principles and supportactive participation of employeesin the use of correct and safe work procedures.
  • To adhere to valid rules and legal regulations as well as to ensure that employees adhere to such regulations in the interest of preventing accidents, work related injuries, job related illnesses or health damage.
  • To fulfil OH&S care tasks, which form a component of all the tasks to becompleted by managingemployees
  • . . .

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