Our code of ethics

We are committed to conducting our business lawfully and ethically. We promote a culture in which our values are clearly visible to all and our actions are uncompromised. We believe it is essential for each of our directors, officers, employees and other representatives to act at all times with honesty and propriety, to exercise good judgment and to conduct business in a manner that all business activities can be supported without reservation or apology.

Our values

  • Honest business & fair-play
  • No discrimination of any kind
  • Focus on people
  • Quality in everything we do
  • Environmentally friendly policy

We inform our business partners, such as vendors and distributers, of the provisions and principles of this Code.

Code of conduct

  • Employees
  • Honest business (business Conduct)
  • Commercial partners
  • Enviroment
  • Communities and government
  • Human rights
  • See the full Code of Conduct here.