About Us


Our offerings
  • The agility of a mid-size, customer oriented and privately owned company
  • Manufacturing space with well developed infrastructure and expansion potential
  • Flexibility of successfully developed ERP systems based on proprietary SW
  • Consultancy, development, industrial engineering services, original design manufacturing and original equipment manufacturing
  • Experienced R&D engineering team with well-established collaboration with external R&D institutions
  • Employees with fiber optic industrial engineering skills and experienced in international collaboration, project management, product development and implementation
  • Excellent operator workmanship with more than 15 years average experience 10 year ISO 9001 certified quality management system based on 100% quality control and full traceability
  • ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification
  • Location with excellent logistics
  • Slovakia – the EU country with an enterprising environment and Eurozone membership


SYLEX - what we offer