Our strengths

Since the beginning of our existance, we consider research and development (R&D) as an integral part of our competitive advantage building, since our primary goal is to flexibly meet the needs and expectations of customers around the globe. This is also the reason, why our research is not limited by in-house approach – and our research and engineering professionals have established a fruitful collaboration with universities and research agencies abroad as well.


For telecom and datacom markets we specialize in designing and manufacturing MTP® harnesses, PRIZM® LightTurn®, PRIZM® MT, MXC assemblies, high density fiber optic shuffles and Duralino Fanout® trunks for enterprise, carrier, and specialty applications. Our superb engineering and design capabilities, strong quality control systems, and substantial manufacturing capacity allows us to deliver both high-volume and custom-tailored solutions extremely rapidly as clients or the global market require.

Sensing systems

SYLEX offers tailor made automated monitoring system solutions based on modernized FBG technology. These systems, which have been repeatedly verified by many projects around the world, are used to monitor the structural health and geotechnical safety of infrastructure projects.

We respect all achievements reached with our partners and value success stories based on reliable solutions we designed and delivered together. Some examples we are especially proud of are:

  • Since 2009, interconnecting base stations within inter-continental submarine network of Alcatel Lucent (Duralino Fanout® trunks)
  • Since 2010, providing interconnect harnesses for large datacentre infrastructure of Novartis (Customized MTP® trunks)
  • Since 2013, enabling interconnection within high data throughput communication cards at CERN (PRIZM® LightTurn® customized assemblies)
  • Since 2014, measuring extreme surface temperatures at an ESA project related to the Ariane 6 launcher (TP-STS-01 surface mount temperature sensor)

Let us challenge your expectations so we can build other such solutions together.

SYLEX has been a serious and reliable partner to numerous renowned companies for many years. Our Engineering and R&D have always been well appreciated among our clients because of their innovative contributions to the product characteristics including:

  • Improving the final use
  • Optimizing cost

We are committed to supporting clients with improved product features and new solution approaches.

To assure this we directly participate in EU and international Research and Development programs and intensively cooperate with specialized university departments as well as external R&D centres.

Our Engineering and R&D team continues to design and refine products according to universally accepted standards, while our fiber optics expertise allows us to meet your individual and specific requirements.

As an export-oriented company we offer universal solutions to global market needs and provide turnkey projects to our clients worldwide.

We assure our products and services offer the highest quality throughout their long lifetimes with integrated and constantly implemented Quality management and Environmental management systems according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004.

We do not use these as mere formalities but apply their core principle of continuous improvements in everything we do.