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48 or 72 fibres in one small connector

When the expression “Parallel Connectivity” is mentioned, the first connector type that comes to mind is MPO/MTP with 12 or 24 fibre count design. These two options are essential for fibre optic interconnection …

Traceability and real-time data – key to excellent manufacturing

In a world driven by data and fast-changing market conditions, companies need tools to maintain their flexibility, reliability and effectiveness with a focus on…

Introducing the MIL-DTL-38999 Series III-based solutions

To cover the demand in the field of special market applications, SYLEX has extended its portfolio with the MIL-PRF-29504 type of solutions. Products based on this connectivity provide excellent mechanical and optical functionality in harsh environments such as Naval air systems, Avionics, Aircrafts and Land tactical.

SMA connector

We are pleased to present you a new product in a special product category – SMA assemblies.  SMA connectors with stainless steel ferrules are being applied in many areas like Medical (Ophthalmic, Dermatologic, MRI), Spectroscopy (non-destructive testing), Data communication and even Military.

Renewed webpage

We have recently launched an updated webpage for the Duralino fanout® trunk system. The new webpage offers a variety of different fanout options, a new structure of ordering codes, new drawings with links to cable datasheets, packaging specifications and other useful details. Another useful feature is the option we added to purchase Duralino fanouts® with grommets, which will help you to mount the fanout into different panels, boxes and enclosures.

Which connectivity serves 400G?

Universal, state-of-the-art, future proof, industry tested and proven – these are the features that everybody looks for when connectivity is being planned for new high-density systems. Ticking all of these boxes is a dream for both the designers and the owners. Let’s have a look at Eduard’s article about the current interconnectivity possibilities for 400G and what insertion loss can be expected.

ECOC 2019

Sylex will be visiting the ECOC exhibition, taking place in Dublin, Ireland on 23–25 September 2019.

Schedule your meeting with our colleagues Michal Goliaš, Michal Vincze, Jozef Pavlov, Eduard Koza and Martin Ratkovský; we are looking forward to seeing you during this event….


Need to fix our Duralino fanout® in your rack? We are pleased to present you a new holder for our Duralino fanout® products – the D-holder. The only thing you have to do is screw the D-holder onto the rack. It is made out of aluminium, giving it the basic characteristics of lightness and…


Date: 4 June 2019
Location: Cologne, Germany
Participation: Visitors
Attendants: Michal Goliaš, Eduard Koza and Michal Vincze
Schedule your meeting with our colleagues and we look forward to seeing you during this event.

ECOC 2018

Date: 23–27 September 2018
Location: Rome, Italy
Participation: Visitors
Attendants: Juraj Šarišský, Jozef Pavlov and Eduard Koza
Schedule your meeting with our colleagues and we look forward to seeing you during this event.