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Is the 24 fibre connectivity method really clear?

A number of legacy data centres were designed for 10G application where the backbone was based on MPO 12-fibre connectors. The previous version of the TIA standard (TIA-568-C3) described three basic connectivity methods A, B and C, which all companies adopted and implemented into their projects over time. The situation became more difficult when companies designed data centres for 40G and 100G and designed backbone networks with MPO connectors with 24 fibres.

Simple polarity and gender reconfiguration

Despite the precise planning work of network designers, it may prove necessary to change the gender of MPO connectors in the field from male to female and vice versa. It can also happen that not only a gender change but also a polarity change from A to B is necessary in order to make the network live.

5h International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring

Date: 21-24 May 2018
Location: Rome, Italy
Participation: Exhibitor and presenter during NT.1 New Trends in Cotact monitoring
Attendants: Peter Lowy and Tomas Salat

Schedule your meeting with our colleagues and we look forward to seeing you during this event.

EPIC Annual General Meeting 2018

Date: 18-19 April 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany
Participation: Visitors
Attendants: Eduard Koza

Sylex is part of European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) since 2017. is the industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organizations working in the field of photonics in Europe.


Date: 22 March 2018
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Participation: Visitors
Attendants: Juraj Šarišský and Eduard Koza

Sylex is a long term supplier of high quality fiber-optic specialty products to CERN. We are proud to be selected as one of few companies from Slovakia and take part in the 25th anniversary event SLOVAKIA @ CERN.

Robust, flexible and thin at the same time

Robust, flexible and thin at the same timeSYLEX

Some fiber optic connections have to be more reliable and downtime-proof than standard cabling. Examples include backbone links, connections in rural areas or difficult-to-reach and operate places such as antennas or places which require special access permission.

Use your multifiber connections in a harsh environment

MPO/MTP connectivity-based products are well known and established, especially in the Telecom and Datacom part of the industry. The mature technology of the multi-fiber connector allows its usage also in a non-standard environment where a level of IP protection is required.

Downsizing in Fiber-Optics

Downsizing: making the things smaller – a recent trend in a variety of industries, fiber optics not excluded. Today we introduce MTP patch cables with reduced cable diameters…

CPR regulation goes into effect

CPR, also known as the “Construction Products Regulation” – one of the most recently discussed topics in the European fiber optic community – has been in effect since 1 July 2017.

Extended MXC® certification

Sylex is proud to announce that it has extended its MXC® certification with the termination of PRIZM® MT four-row ferrules by which is has completed offering of full range of lensed ferrules from company US Conec.