Green & Social

Environmentally responsible producer

This is the latest certificate we have received for the successful separation of the materials we use. In the spirit of investing even more time and effort into our efficiency and the environment, we welcome and thank you for this certificate from OZV NATUR-PACK

Recycle it!

In our company, we try to look more and more often at the environmental aspects of our business. One of the many steps by which we are striving to decrease paper consumption and thus volume of waste is through the implementation of an electronic internal order process.

The SYLEX bee

The popularity of urban beekeeping is increasing; bees are part of our city lives. The quality of honey from urban hives is as high as from meadows and forests. Our employees welcome this environmental activity and are looking forward to tasting the first honey from the SYLEX bee. And who knows, maybe there will also be a few spoons of honey left for you!

10 days experiences in company life with implemented COVID-19 prevention measures

All of us want to remain safe and healthy but also keep our companies operational in these difficult times. Not every country has taken preventive measures at the same time, this guideline may help to those who have started just recently.