Products and solutions
27.09.2016 | Interconnections | New product Shuffle Cross-Connect
Solution for high fiber density and complex fiber routing challenges at on-board and card design & architecture.
06.05.2016 | Interconnections | New product
When it is necessary to install a simple but long single-trunk cable with an MTP connector terminated on a micro-core cable, the question of how to pull it through the cable ducts needs to be solved. Thin 12- or 24-fibre cables without a central strength element (FRP) are not suitable for a pulling type of installation. However, this can be solved by using so-called double-jacket cables, which have one additional layer of aramid yarn and a second outer jacket. An additional layer of aramid yarn can also be used for pulling purposes.
11.04.2016 | Interconnections | New product New products based on PRIZM MT lensed ferrules and MXC connectors
We are proud to announce that Sylex has passed the certification programme of the company US Conec for expanded beam PRIZM® MT ferrule terminations.
19.02.2016 | Interconnections | New product FASTLINK system
SYLEX is offering a renewed FASTLINK system, bringing a number of new features to make installation easier and faster. The FASTLINK system consists of pre-terminated cables with 6, 12 or 24 fibers and tailor-made patch panels.
19.02.2016 | Interconnections | New product POP-UP reels
Sylex is pleased to introduce the new POP-UP reels, featuring quick and easy disassembly after use. With this feature, you can easily reduce the final volume of packaging waste by 88%. POP-UP reels are available in two sizes: size I for light cables with small outer diameters, and size II for heavier cables with higher outer diameters and larger bending radius.
19.02.2016 | Interconnections | New product CORPULL – An innovative approach for installing fiber-optic assemblies
The new pulling system from Sylex will conserve the most valuable assets of every installation company: time and money. With a totally different point of view on the deployment process of pulling pre-terminated assemblies, you can increase the speed of installation and avoid unnecessary expenditures.
21.01.2016 | Interconnections | New product
Sylex is introducing a new high-density carrier solution for both Telco and Datacenter projects - the WENDY system. This system offers four available carriers with a variety of modules that can carry MTP assemblies, pigtails ready for conventional splicing or even adapter plates for installation of factory pre-terminated cable assemblies. The WENDY system offers flexible cross-connect capabilities as well as convenient cable guidance.
22.10.2015 | Interconnections | New service
In all data networks, the most essential condition is that service runs without any line-downs. Project managers are aware of almost all of the potential issues which can jeopardize the on-time start of the services intended for a customer and they wisely select suppliers offering the highest quality components. Despite the high quality of factory made and tested fiber-optic harnesses and the skillful teams which maintain cabling infrastructure in its best shape, unexpected damage caused by accidental mishandling may lead to service line-down. At that moment, express issue resolution may begin. This can include service re-routing, damaged part replacement, etc.
15.06.2015 | Interconnections | New product A small fanout solution for ribbon cables
Optimizing cabling volume is the key point in miniaturizing the cable bulk. Reducing not only the cable itself, but also reducing the furcation point dimensions gives the Fiber Optic systems designers the ability to reduce the space needed for the optical connectivity.
13.04.2015 | Interconnections | New product New SYLEX packaging for 1U Patch panels
The product requires equally effective packaging in order to be the best. SYLEX has developed a new packaging for one of their bestselling products - 1U 19” patch panels. With this new strong and solid packaging made of cardboard the patch panels are well protected against being dropped or crushed, against vibrations and possible damage caused during transport.
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