Products and solutions

ROBUST pulling solution

Many differing locations and requirements exist when it comes to installing connectors to an exact spot. If installers face a harsh environment, they need a higher level of protection for the connectors than what is required in a standard installation process.

SYLEX offers products with new MDC connectors from US Conec

Our maxim “as much as possible” always means higher density. Be it panels, racks or other telecom or datacom accessories, our fibre optic products are designed to accommodate as many fibres as possible. New applications that require miniaturization…

MTP® PRO push-pull boot

As an in-field optical installer, you surely know what it’s like to patch/unpatch a higher quantity of cables, notably MTP® cables, from/to panels or high-density adapters…

Robust sensor with a gentle touch

Among various standard and custom FBG-based fiber optic sensors designed and produced by SYLEX, our new SWS-02 spot-weldable strain sensor with integrated temperature compensation offers dual installation approach and excellent parameters, underpinned by good robustness and longeavity.

Junior Expanded Beam connectors

Sylex is proud to announce that the firm has successfully passed the training course for termination of the Fiberco Junior (HMA) connector series and is now offering assemblies using this connector type.


There are a number of applications where saving space is key. For On-Board Optics applications, Sylex offers Slimfan – a compact, low-profile and low-cost fanout with very small dimensions…

48 or 72 fibres in one small connector

When the expression “Parallel Connectivity” is mentioned, the first connector type that comes to mind is MPO/MTP with 12 or 24 fibre count design. These two options are essential for fibre optic interconnection …

Traceability and real-time data – key to excellent manufacturing

In a world driven by data and fast-changing market conditions, companies need tools to maintain their flexibility, reliability and effectiveness with a focus on…

Introducing the MIL-DTL-38999 Series III-based solutions

To cover the demand in the field of special market applications, SYLEX has extended its portfolio with the MIL-PRF-29504 type of solutions. Products based on this connectivity provide excellent mechanical and optical functionality in harsh environments such as Naval air systems, Avionics, Aircrafts and Land tactical.

SMA connector

We are pleased to present you a new product in a special product category – SMA assemblies.  SMA connectors with stainless steel ferrules are being applied in many areas like Medical (Ophthalmic, Dermatologic, MRI), Spectroscopy (non-destructive testing), Data communication and even Military.