REN-SCN-86 Rental of S-line Scan 816 interrogator

A monthly rental-based option offers flexibility and full potential of flagship SYLEX fiber optic measuring equipment. In situations where short-term measuring requirements are preferable, our rental service allows for a quick and easy deployment of testing or temporary fiber optic sensing system. Our Rent and Buy system will enable you choosing your desired rental period with or without the option to keep the devices for a special price afterwards.

This interrogator set consists of a 16 channel switch, an industrial computer and installed Sentinel 2.0 measurement software to unleash all the high-tech fiber optic measurement functionalities.

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What is included ?

  • S-line Scan 800 Interrogator
  • 16 channel S-line static Switch
  • Industrial computer S-line Comp
  • Sentinel 2.0 – automated data acquisition and evaluation software
  • Rugged plastic carry case
  • 2 hrs. free Sentinel 2.0 online support

Performance properties Number of channels 16
Scanning frequency 1) 1 Hz (through all 16 channels)
Wavelength range 80nm (1510-1590nm)
Temperature range Operational -5°C to +50°C
Storage -10°C to +60°C
Dynamic range 2) 30dB
Power budget 3) 18dB
Accuracy @ 25°C // @ FOTR 4) TBT // ±13pm
Repeatability (Precision) @ 25°C // @ FOTR 4) 6pm // 12pm
Resolution 1pm
Laser Class IEC 60825-1 1
Physical properties Dimensions (without cable) 300x200x84mm
Weight (without cable) 4,27kg
Connector type FC/APC
Power consumption 6W / 18W (9-18V) (universal adapter included)
Interface USB
Packaging Ruggedized transportation case with dimensions: 555x428x211mm
Quality Statement All interrogators are 100% tested at SYLEX
Interrogator is manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004


  • 1) Slower data logging is available through down sampling.
  • 2) Maximum attenuation that can be inserted in the optical line between the interrogator and the measured FBG, or series of FBG on a same power level.
  • 3) Maximum attenuation that can be inserted between the FBG with the highest and lowest power level in one channel.
  • 4) FOTR = Fully Operational Temperature Range (-5°C to +50°C).
  • All parameters tested with FBG’s FWHM 200pm and 40% Reflectivity.