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Reference letters

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Dr. Alexis Mendez
January 2021

I can strongly recommend Sylex as a go-to supplier. I’ve known Sylex and their team for about 8+ years now and have had an excellent experience with them, both in terms of engineering as well as sales.  The sales manager, Peter Lowy, is extremely responsive and professional as well as his entire team. On the technical side, their engineering team is always able and willing to undertake new projects and seriously address the sensor needs of their customers.  They are very adept to design, develop, prototype and fabricate diverse new sensors. They have been an invaluable partner to me over all these years as I help diverse customers across many industries, and make my life easier by ensuring I can deliver the needed sensor portion to every new system I support.

Devrez M. Karabacak, Ph.D.
May 2019

SYLEX has repeatedly been a highly valued partner in customized fiber optic solutions, for both sensing and telecommunication applications. The SYLEX team’s response time, direct engagement with the client to propose solutions that are adapted to the project needs, and rapid delivery time are particularly appreciated. As such, SYLEX is a reliable and flexible partner in challenging projects.

Ing. Bruno Griffini
GHT Photonics s.r.l.
May 2019

We at GHT Photonics can state that the company SYLEX has showed up an excellent level of cooperation over the long standing relationship between our firms.

SYLEX has always given strong support to all of our opportunities in the best way, matching the inquiries coming from the customers we dealt with and suggesting the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

The SYLEX’ product portfolio ensures a comprehensive solution to a large number of different structure monitoring requests, covering many engineering measurements: strain, displacement, deformation, temperature, pressure; also, SYLEX is able to deliver a complete series of accessories aimed to installation issues, like cables, patchords, splicing box, special connector protections, sensor mounting fittings.

The high product quality level has been demonstrated several times, especially when third party companies, involved in external product certification, has been called by the end customers to certify in accordance with their procedures what SYLEX declared on the technical product sheet.

Lastly, SYLEX team has been showing an excellent professional level, either about technical competence and fast feedback on the different inquiries.

Alexandre Crochelet
G-Octopus SARL
May 2019

Our contact with SYLEX has always been very good, since beginning of the cooperation. We value smooth and efficient communication with their team members. SYLEX demonstrates high responsiveness, good availability and professionalism, always in position to tailor their monitoring equipment to the project´s requirements and provides timely and quality production. Our good collaboration allowed developing new installation methodology for a very demanding application. We have chosen SYLEX for our partner and recommend this company for monitoring applications using fiber optic sensors.

Jaroslav Dzuba
GA Drilling, a.s.
May 2019

We, as a high-tech company focusing on plasma technologies development for production wells, handle various requirements imposed on our devices. Thanks to a close cooperation with SYLEX, we are able to analyze our devices and define the processes also in chemically aggressive and high-temperature environments, as well as in those with strong electrical interference. SYLEX rapid response and ability to adapt solutions to ever-changing requirements enabled us to measure temperature even there, where traditional electronic sensors could not be applied.

Thanks to SYLEX engineering knowledge and a wide range of fiber-optic sensors in their portfolio, we are significantly advancing in development of our technologies.