Často kladné otázky (FAQ)

What software is supplied with an FBG interrogator?

All of our interrogators are supplied with our standard S-line Sentinel

For further information about S-line Sentinelplease visit our S-line SentinelSoftware Product Page via the below link.

For options about customising the software, please refer to our FAQ below.

Does Sylex offer after sales support?

Yes, we offer free telephone and email support to our customers.

Please Email Technical Support or call Tomas Salat

Do you have a procedure for mounting FBG sensors onto a substrate?

Yes, please send your request to Tomas Salat

What is the warranty period for S-line Scan interrogators?

All of our fibre optic interrogators come with a standard one year warranty. This warranty can be increased on a year by year basis. Extended warranty is available at the time of initial purchase on request.

Can you recommend a PC specification for use with S-line Scan interrogators?

Generally speaking the faster the processor speed and the newer the processor technology the more likely it is to cope with the speed of data. Nearly all new off-the-shelf laptops and desktops would be fast enough, and these typically have an i3 with a processor speed of 2 GHz or better. Older desktops with Intel Duo ~3 GHz processors are also fast enough.

Can I make changes to the software supplied or write my own software to control a S-line Scan Interrogator?

There are four options for customising the S-line Sentinelinterface software of our instruments:

What is the format of the log file produced by S-line Sentinel?

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