CS – CS duplex patchcord

  • The CS duplex patch cord is normaly used for cross-connection between patch panels or distribution boxes with products which contains optical fibers. The perfect feature of the CS connectors is an easy polarity change. The CS connectors fully meet today’s TOSA and ROSA optic requirments for minimum distance 3.8mm between ferrules, push-pull boot advantage and the small-form-factor connector design. New QSFP-DD and SFP-DD transceivers can be directly connected by these patch cords.
  • We can offer you SM (OS2) and MM (OM3, OM4, OM5) patch cords as well as bend-insensitive single-mode patch cords with fibre G657.A. Hybrid versions combined with all standard single-fibre connectors are available as well.
  • OFNP cable option available.
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Temperature range
Indoor controlled environment (-10°C/+60°C)
Cable parameters
Jacket material
Cable construction Round single jacket cable
Outer diameter 1,85mm
Fiber count 2
Fiber type SMF OS2, MMF OM3/OM4/OM5
Temperature range Operation: -10°C to +70°C
Storage: -25°C to +70°C
Installation: -5°C to +50°C
Connector parameters
Compliance Telecordia GR-326
Colour of housing SM – Blue (UPC),
MM – Aqua/Magenta/Lime Green
Colour of boot White
Polish Flat SM (UPC) / Flat MM (PC)
Insertion Loss (acc. IEC 61300-3-4 method B) <0,25dB (@850/1300nm & @1310/1550nm)
Return Loss (acc. IEC 61300-3-6) >50dB (UPC) (@1310/1550nm)
>20dB (@850/1300nm)
Identification Traceability label with unique serial number on both ends of cable assembly.
Each assembly in sealed PE bag, bulk pack in cardboard box.
Partnumber/Ordering code
CS/UPC – CS/UPC OS2 duplex patchcord C229-00X-xxx
CS/UPC – LC/APC OS2 duplex patchcord C229-0AU-xxx
CS/UPC – LC/UPC OS2 duplex patchcord C229-0LU-xxx
CS/PC – CS/PC OM3 duplex patchcord C223-00X-xxx
CS/PC – LC/PC OM3 duplex patchcord C223-0LU-xxx
CS/PC – CS/PC OM4 duplex patchcord C224-00X-xxx
CS/PC – LC/PC OM4 duplex patchcord C224-0LU-xxx
CS/PC – CS/PC OM5 duplex patchcord C225-00X-xxx
CS/PC – LC/PC OM5 duplex patchcord C225-00U-xxx
* For more information see the drawing.

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