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Company SYLEX, as a designer and manufacturer of fiber optic passive products, with strong focus on a quality and innovations has a number of satisfied customers around whole Europe and USA. With high quality materials and technology, educated working team and strong customer orientation, we can be your valued and trustworthy business partner.



Multifiber technology products (MTP fanouts, high-fiber count MTP trunks up to 12x12F and MTP modules) are the main solutions for DataCenter installing companies. Gain more drive on the market with our customization, contract manufacturing or private label cooperation. 



Since July 2011 SYLEX offers own manufactured fiber optic sensors and interrogators (read-out unit) typically used in Civil Engineering and Geotechnical markets. SYLEX sensing solutions are based on FBG fibers using unique DTG technology (Draw Tower Grating) applicable for strain, temperature, displacement, pressure, load, vibration and soil deformation measurements.