Introducing SYLEX’s New Fiber Array Assemblies

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product at SYLEX: high-precision fiber array assemblies, specifically designed for the photonics industry and ideal for connecting with photonic integrated circuits (PICs). We offer these fiber arrays not only with standard fibers but also with polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers, providing superior performance for specialized applications.


Key Highlights

Our fiber arrays offer exceptional performance with the following key features:

  • Fiber Types: Available with Single-mode, Multi-mode, and Polarization Maintaining (PM) fibers
  • PM Fiber Orientation: Orientation of PM fiber in the V-groove can be aligned to the fast axis, aligned to the slow axis, or custom aligned.
  • Customization: Available with custom end face angle polishing and anti-reflection coating on request.
  • Variety of configurations: Configurations from 1 to 48 grooves, with spacing options of 127 µm and 250 µm.
  • Material: High-quality silica for both the base and lid, ensuring durability and excellent optical performance.
  • Operating Temperature: Reliable performance across a broad range of -40°C to +80°C.


ParameterValue / Description
Number of V-Grooves1 – 48
V-Groove Spacing/Pitch127 µm, 250 µm
Pitch Accuracy±0.5 µm
V-Groove Angle0-45 degrees, ±0.3 degrees
Fiber Cladding125 µm
Cable ConstructionFree fibers or ribbon structure
Connector TypesFC/PC, FC/APC, LC/PC, LC/APC, MT, MTP, TMT, MMC, etc.
Fiber Lengthper customer request
Visual Angle Misalignment ***±0.5 degrees
Real Angle Misalignment ***±3 degrees
Extinction Ratio ***≥ 20 dB
Anti-Reflection CoatingAvailable on request

*** applicable only for fiber arrays with PM fibers


Application Example

One of the standout applications of our fiber array assemblies is in photonic integrated circuits (PICs). They significantly enhance optical coupling alignment and minimize loss in optical waveguide devices, making them ideal for advanced telecommunications, sensing systems, and laser applications.

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