Flex Fiber Shuffle

Flex Fiber Shuffle offers high-density channel management of optical fibers on a versatile platform, ideal for backplanes and systems necessitating dense optical interconnections. Leveraging both Single mode and Multimode fibers, precision-engineered systems can fabricate circuits tailored to any desired routing matrix, dimensions, or configuration. This method permits fiber paths to intersect, allowing fibers to cross over each other during manufacturing without sustaining damage or experiencing unwanted micro-bending losses.

We support a variety of fiber types, including single-mode, multi-mode, and specialized fibers like Rad-Hard. Our Flex Fiber Shuffle solutions span from minimal fiber assemblies to intricate networks comprising hundreds of fiber pathways. The size of these fiber matrices varies greatly, encompassing everything from compact, routed ribbon fibers mere millimeters in width to extensive, elaborate arrangements.

Final fiber optics products are typically equipped with pre-terminated (FO) connectors, offering a range of multi-fiber options such as MT ferrules, MPO/MTP®, PRIZM MT, MMC, as well as single-fiber connectors like the LC connector, or specialized terminations including M29504, ARINC801, among others. Quality assurance tests include net-list verification, insertion loss, return loss, and end-face geometry assessments.


Benefits of the Flex Shuffles:

·         Film structure maximizing utilization, enhancing airflow

·         Fiber routing with controlled bend radius

·         Supports single-mode, multi-mode, and specialty fiber type

·         Scalable shuffle designs from a few fibers to hundreds of fiber nets

·         Shuffle sizes ranging from millimeters to big complex scale

·         Variety of single-fiber, multi-fiber connectors and special termini

·         Machine consistency and repeatability



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