SYLEX’s Fiber End Caps for High Power systems

SYLEX is pleased to introduce our high-quality fiber end caps, designed to enhance the durability and performance of optical fiber systems. A key feature of our end caps is their ability to reduce optical power density by allowing light to enter or exit with a larger beam diameter, thereby preventing damage.

Our solution is based on advanced end cap technology, which involves terminating the single-mode (SM) or multi-mode (MM) fiber with a “cap” made from coreless fiber. This ensures expansion of the Mode Field Diameter (MFD) and reduces the power density at the fiber end. SYLEX end caps can be incorporated into various fiber optic connectors and fiber arrays.

Key Highlights

Our fiber end caps offer the following advantages:

  • Lower Optical Power Density: By allowing the light to enter or exit with a larger beam diameter, the end caps reduce the optical power density, preventing damage from high-power densities.
  • Protection and Durability: Made from robust materials resistant to thermal changes and chemicals, our end caps help maintain the structural and optical integrity of fibers.
  • Reduced Signal Loss: Special coatings minimize signal loss for improved performance.
  • Compatibility: Available in combination with single-mode fibers, multi-mode fibers, and polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers, with options for antireflection coating on the fiber end face.



ParameterValue / Description
Fiber TypeSMF, PMF, MMF
End-Cap TypeCoreless fiber endcap
End-Cap MaterialFused silica
End-Cap Length300-500 µm or customized on request
End-Cap DiameterEqual to the diameter of the main fiber and connector ferrule
Operating Wavelength400-2500 nm (depending on fiber type)
Connector TypeFC, SC, LC, E2000, etc.
Polishing AnglePC, APC
NAAccording to the NA of the main fiber
MFDDepends on MFD of main fiber, length of coreless part, NA of main fiber, wavelength
Fiber LengthCustomizable to meet your needs

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