We are pleased to present you a new holder for our Duralino fanout® products – the D-holder. The only thing you have to do is screw the D-holder onto the rack. It is made out of aluminium, giving it the basic characteristics of lightness and rigidity. The D-holder is fully compatible with our Duralino fanout® using a cable gland with spiral strain relief to affix it. The D-holder can accommodate up to three Duralino fanouts – one big one and two smaller ones on the side. The largest one is designed to hold our Duralino fanout® size XL and the other ones are designed for Duralino fanout® sizes L and S. If you work with 2.0mm tubing, as is standard for single-fibre patching, you can use up to 192 connections with only one D-holder. Due to availability of different tubing, you can consult other options with us. 

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