Duralino trunk system

Factory pre-terminated trunk cables with Duralino fanout is the best option for you. No matter if you need only few (4-12) fiber connection, or fully back-bone (up to 144-fiber) DataCenter cabling system, trunk cables offered by Sylex can cover the best option/solution for your application. Pre-terminated trunk cables have several fields of applications, are used to interconnect active devices (SFP, CXP, and QSFP modules), patchpanels or cassettes/modules. Simple ready to be plugged-in trunk cables can be your advantage in fast and comfortable installation. These assemblies eliminate the need for in-field termination and expensive tools. Simple and handy pre-terminated cables/terminated trunks are great for beginners and professionals as well.

Installing pre-terminated trunk cables not only saves purchasing expenses, but also cut down total IL budget in comparison to standard approach by splicing pulled cables in patchpanels or distribution boxes. Using factory pre-terminated and tested trunk cables gives you guaranteed transmit-to-receive connectivity. Using LowLoss versions of the connectors’ offers lower IL for the applications where the total IL budget is the critical parameter of the installation.

Depending on the cable construction, using for example mini-core or micro-bundle cables reduces cable bulk in cable ducts or double flooring and improves the airflow. High-fiber count trunk cables reduce required space for cabling by 50%. Optional pulling eye from nylon sock will protect the trunk cable during the installation.

Unique design of the fan-out part gives you more possibilities how to set-up your installation – Duralino fanout is not limited to standard 900um or 2mm tubing, but Sylex offers also options with armored tubing suitable for the indoor/outdoor applications – street cabinets or dual-stage fan-outing splitting the end of cable into more fan-outs, each dedicated to different location, rack/patchpanel or box.

Check our photo gallery to have more detailed picture about the potential of trunk cables with Duralino fanout. Find out more of Duralino products here.