MS-03 Mountable strain sensor

  • MS-03 is improved sensor, developed to replace our MS-01 sensor


  • Short gauge strain sensor with a 90-110mm measuring base (gauge length).
  • MS-03 is capable of measuring length changes in µɛ or µm between its anchoring points.
  • Possible pre-strain setup during installation up to ±5000µɛ.
  • MS-03 can be connected in a series configuration.
  • Various anchoring designs
  • Embeddable into concrete/grout


  • Strain monitoring
  • Rebar strain or force monitoring
  • Wall-tie monitoring
Performance properties
Strain range1)
±5000μɛ [+/- 500µm or 0-1000µm]
Accuracy (guaranteed)2)
<0.50% FS5) [<5μm]

Accuracy (typical)2)
<0.23% FS5) [<3μm]

Precision (guaranteed)3)
<0.25% FS5) [<3μm]

Precision (typical)4)
<0.15% FS5) [<1.5μm]
Temperature compensation External
Operating Temperature range
-20°C to +60°C

Ingress Protection rating
IP 67
Physical properties
Housing material
Stainless steel SS316L
Anchoring distance
90 up to 110mm

Dimensions (without cable)5)
Ø12 mm x 174 mm [Washer Ø12 mm]

Weight (without / with cable)
80 g / 100 g

Cable type
3mm Dyneema reinforced cable
Cable length6) 1mtr
Cable Bend Radius (dynamic)
Cable Bend Radius (static)
Connector type7)

Mounting method Mounting brackets. Once mounted, sensor can be embedded or grouted. Pre-strain is applied during installation.
Packaging Cardboard box with dimensions: 370x290x45mm
Quality Statement MS-03 sensor is compliant with IEC 61757-1-1:2016/Ed1.0 and IEC 61757:2018
All sensors are 100% tested and calibrated at SYLEX.
Sensor is manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004


  • 1) Calibrated in µm on demand
  • 2) Accuracy is established for each individual sensor under laboratory conditions and it includes hysteresis, non-linearity and repeatability of the sensor.
  • 3) Precision is established on a batch basis and it includes hysteresis, non-linearity, repeatability and reproducibility of the sensor.
  • 4) FS: full scale range
  • 5) For further dimensions details see the product drawing
  • 6) Cable length is extendable on request
  • 7) Other connector types available on request