Polarization-maintaining simplex jumper

  • A polarization-maintaining jumper, also known as a PM jumper, is a type of optical fiber jumper that is designed to maintain the polarization state of light as it travels through the fiber. It is commonly used in applications where the preservation of polarization is critical, such as in fiber optic communication systems, interferometers, and laser systems.
  • The PM jumper is typically available in various lengths and connector types to suit different applications. It is important to choose the correct length and connector type to ensure proper polarization alignment and compatibility with the system.

Temperature range
Indoor controlled environment (-10°C /+60°C)
Cable parameters
Jacket material
Cable construction Buffered fiber
Outer diameter 0.9 mm
Fiber count 1
Fiber type PM fiber Panda 1550nm
Temperature range Operation: -10°C to +70°C
Storage: -25°C to +70°C
Installation: -5°C to +50°C
Connector parameters
Insertion Loss
(acc. IEC 61300-3-4 method B)
<0,25dB (@1550nm)
Return Loss
(acc. IEC 61300-3-6)
>60dB (@1550nm) *
Extinction ratio >25dB (@1550nm)
Polarization angle tolerance ±3°
Identification Traceability label with unique serial number.
Each assembly in sealed PE bag, bulk pack in cardboard box

* Guaranteed value for length <1.8m