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SBP-01 S-line Battery Pack 4

Battery power: 12V/3,35 Ah

Battery life: approx 4 hours

Nr. of power sockets: 1

  • S-line Battery Pack is a portable battery box capable of powering up the S-line Scan series interrogators
  • For situations when no external power supply is available
  • S-line Battery Pack is compatible with both S-line Scan 8xx and S-line Scan 4xx configurations.
  • Approximate battery life 4 hours
  • Power adapter, 90-264V input range, 12V/2A output, with EU-UK-US compatible sockets
  • Power feed with 5.5mm plug connector

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Product specification


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Type: Static/Dynamic

Wavelength range: 80nm

Sampling rate: up to 5 kHz

Nr. Of optical channels: 1

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