VERTEX 1U 19″ High-density panel, 12-module capacity

  • The 1U High-density Plug & Play panel, with a capacity of 12 special VERTEX size modules, is a modular time and space-saving solution for DataCentres, which can increase the capacity three-fold in comparison to standard panels. The panel is designed to accommodate:

Up to 144 connections based on 12× LC modules with 6x LC duplex adaptor in each module


Temperature range
Controlled environment (-10°C/+60°C)
443 x 436 x 44 mm
Powder coated steel

deep black RAL9005

12 modules
Cable entry ports
grommet/gland – 3x PG13.5/M20 or 6x PG7/M12
Duralino® fanout3x Duralino fanout® size XL/L or 6x Duralino fanout® size S
Identification Label with unique serial number
Each patch panel in cardboard box, bulk pack on palette