VERTEX 2x12f MTP to 12x LC duplex module

  • The special VERTEX size of Plug & Play module for 24 connections is used as a splitting point from 2 backbone MTP cable to the 24x LC port in the DataCentre. This module can increase the capacity of the 1U position in the rack three-fold when used together with the VERTEX 1U 19” patch panel.

Temperature range
Indoor controlled environment (10°C / +60°)
200.2 x 160 x 11.8mm

Transparent black
Capacity 24 fibres
Colour of adapters
blue (UPC), green (APC),
aqua (OM3), magenta (OM4), lime (OM5)
Optical performance
IL<0,6dB per channel, (OS2/OM3/OM4/OM5)
RL>19,6dB per channel, (OM3/OM4/OM5)
RL>47dB per channel, (OS2UPC)
RL>49,6dB per channel, (OS2APC)
Identification Label with unique serial number
Each module in cardboard box, bulk pack in master cardboard box.