Shuffle assemblies

Solution for high fiber density and complex fiber routing challenges at on-board and card design & architecture.

In order to help manage today’s growing and complex fiber routing demands, Sylex offers fiber optic Shuffle assemblies solutions. These compact and bespoke solutions provide card designers with high flexibility and customizable fiber routing architecture. These solutions are tailored to the requested fiber density and within space limitations. Sylex can provide full assistance in your design and testing phase as well as with volume product supply.

Given the high variety of configurations, Sylex has developed the Shuffle asemblies solution in a space-savingmodular and scalable platform. As shown in the following product examples (see photos), our platform provides:

Design flexibility in:

  • Card edge connectors (like MTP®, MXCTM, MU, LC … )
  • I/O port connectors (like PRIZM® LightTurn®, MT ferrule … )
  • Fiber density (from 12—24—48—96—144— to x-hundreds of fibres routed)
  • Shuffle module size
  • Stackability of shuffle modules (modular approach)



  • Optimised airflow and improved cooling efficiency
  • Adjustable form factor – Small or Compact size versions
  • Reduced assembly and integration time (plug & play)
  • Factory pre-configured and 100% tested on cross-connect mapping
  • Guaranteed Low-Loss optical parameters


Application in Supercomputing Equipment:

  • Inside-card fibre routing
  • Card-to-Card fibre routing
  • Shelf-to-Shelf fibre routing


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