VERTEX – HD 1U panel system

The biggest challenge in recent years, especially for data centres, has been the limited capacity of racks and the constantly increasing demand for new connections. For this reason, SYLEX has designed a new patch panel system called VERTEX, which itself increases the capacity in one 1U position in the rack threefold as compared to a standard 1U patch panel.

SYLEX can offer you a 1U HD VERTEX modular patch panel system with a combination of HD VERTEX modules:

Plug & Play module version for direct connection of MTP backbone network and LC patch cords. Patching module version: for connection of LC trunks and LC patch cords, which you can also find in our portfolio.

The 1U HD VERTEX modular patch panel system is equipped with cable management for easy storage of cables in each drawer as well as plastic guides on the left and right side of the panel, which allow for tidy arrangement of cables. The back of the patch panel offers different ways to attach the breakout points depending on the type of breakout point used or the design of the cable.


  • Triple the density in one 1U rack unit over a standard 1U patch panel
  •  Easy installation with the combination of SYLEX MTP or LC trunk cables

Installation guides:

  • MTP multi-fibre trunk back side installation: IG-FOI-008
  • LC single-fibre patch cord front side installation: IG-FOI-009
  • LC single-fibre trunk back side installation: IG-FOI-010