Our commitment

Dear business partners and friends,

Each organisation needs to define itself and the way it conducts its life and business. I believe that our company Sylex has found it. We have been working diligently since 1995 to build up our identity, company culture, transparency and authenticity in order to be a trustworthy business partner, honest employer and responsible member of society.

Our company has a place in this globalized world through:

  • Our vision and mission, fully focused on our customers’ needs and challenges.
  • Our products, which join people and businesses, protect lives and create value.
  • Our ethical approach to business.

I have a strong belief in our company’s future. I trust our customers, partners, employees, and business principles, which make long term sustainable development of our company achievable. It is in our hands.

Dana Synaková

General manager

Synakova Dana, Sylex