CS assemblies


  • Splitting the parallel fibre optic links to an “ordinary” full-duplex connection may require certain skills and experienced personnel. With factory pre-terminated, ready-to-go MTP to CS fanouts, you can build the required optical interconnections within a few moments. As the second smallest duplex connector, CS can be used to plug the breakout fibres directly into a new Tx/Rx device (QSFP-DD or SFP-DD).
  • Products are also available with MTP® PRO connectors
  • OFNP cable option available
  • The CS duplex trunk is typically terminated with 4 connectors. This simple design can be directly used for cross-connection of the newly designed QSFP-DD (400 to 2x 200 Gbit/sec) or SFP-DD (100 to 4x 25 Gbit/sec) transceivers.
  • The CS connector is based on the same 125um ferrules as LC connectors, offering equal optical and transmission parameters. In an environment where migration from 10, 40 or 100 Gbit/sec to 400 Gbit/sec is a must, the CS connector benefits from its size, which allows more then double the density in one 1U patch panel as compared to the LC connector.
  • The CS connector is ideal designed for serial, paralel and WDM optical schemes.
  • We can offer you SM (OS2) and MM (OM3, OM4, OM5) versions of trunks up to 144 fibres. Aside from the pure CS connector-based products, the hybrid versions with various types of single-fibre connectors are available as well
  • OFNP cable option available
  • The CS duplex patch cord is normaly used for cross-connection between patch panels or distribution boxes with products which contains optical fibers. The perfect feature of the CS connectors is an easy polarity change. The CS connectors fully meet today’s TOSA and ROSA optic requirments for minimum distance 3.8mm between ferrules, push-pull boot advantage and the small-form-factor connector design. New QSFP-DD and SFP-DD transceivers can be directly connected by these patch cords.
  • We can offer you SM (OS2) and MM (OM3, OM4, OM5) patch cords as well as bend-insensitive single-mode patch cords with fibre G657.A. Hybrid versions combined with all standard single-fibre connectors are available as well.
  • OFNP cable option available.

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