MTP Attenuator

An MTP attenuator is a device used in fiber optic communication networks to reduce the power density of an optical signal. It is particularly useful in situations where the signal being transmitted is too strong and could potentially overload the receiving device. The MTP attenuator works by dampening the optical signal, reducing its power level to an acceptable level.

Attenuators are available in a range of attenuation levels, allowing network operators to fine-tune the power level of their optical signals to suit the requirements of their specific application. They can also be used to equalize the power levels of multiple optical signals being transmitted over the same fiber, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

MTP attenuators are typically used in high-density fiber optic networks, such as data centers, where many optical signals are transmitted. They are designed for use in high-speed optical networks and can support data rates of up to 100 Gbps. They are also highly reliable and durable, making them ideal for use in demanding network environments.

In conclusion, the MTP attenuator is an essential component of modern fiber optic networks, enabling network operators to effectively manage the power levels of their optical signals and ensure reliable and consistent performance.


Sylex offers attenuation of the fibers with these parameters:

1/ OS2 (9um) – attenuation value to 10dB

2/ OM3 (50um)- attenuation value to 4dB

3/ OM4 (50um) – attenuation value to 4dB


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