Simple polarity and gender reconfiguration

Despite the precise planning work of network designers, it may prove necessary to change the gender of MPO connectors in the field from male to female and vice versa. It can also happen that not only a gender change but also a polarity change from A to B is necessary in order to make the network live.

All of this is now possible with the next generation of multi-fibre MTP® connector known as MTP® PRO. This new connector, designed by the US Conec company, is now available in Sylex’s stock in a decent volume, along with the MTP® PRO Field Tool, which is needed for polarity or gender reconfiguration. A big advantage of this tool is that even an unskilled and untrained technician can easily manage polarity and gender reconfiguration right in the field in a minute without needing to remove the connector housing, expose any fibres or perform any other disassembly of the connector. All that is needed is simply to insert the MTP® PRO connector in one of the two ports of the tool, depending on whether a gender or polarity change is required.

Besides these options, this new connector type offers many other features. For example, a housing design with robust push-pull insertion and extraction, as well as the housing’s material and geometry, which helps to reduce debris when patching. All this is based on well-known MTP® connector technology. You can learn how the tool and the new connectors work from this presentation video.

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