Sylex joins I4DI Consortium

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Sylex has become a member of the I4DI association (Innovations for Digital Infrastructure), where we will stand alongside members such as Seagate and VNET.

We will participate in the construction of a European supercomputer centre in Slovakia, where we will provide fibre optic connectivity solutions needed for the fastest supercomputer with artificial intelligence in the world. This centre is a consortium of the Centre of Operations (CSČ) of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatisation of the Slovak Republic (MIRRI) and I4DI.

This cooperation is all the more interesting because Slovak-American company Tachyum, manufacturer of the Prodigy chip, is also participating in this project. Tachyum sees potential in the growth of newly emerging data centres, where their chip can offer much better parameters than established competitors.

“Data centres designed by the I4DI consortium will serve as a blueprint for future government or commercial cloud initiatives. With the universal use for both commercial and government AI applications, these centres will be more efficient and the hardware usability will increase to more than 90% compared to the current 40%.” [Tachyum,2021, april 20,]

“With an annual increase in required capacity of 15%, cloud systems will represent 20% of total world electricity consumption by 2025. If this trend does not change, it will be up to 40% in 2040, which is unsustainable growth.” [OTS,2021, february,20,]