Use your multifiber connections in a harsh environment

MPO/MTP connectivity-based products are well known and established, especially in the Telecom and Datacom part of the industry. The mature technology of the multi-fiber connector allows its usage also in a non-standard environment where a level of IP protection is required. Sylex is ready to fulfil your requirements for MPO/MTP products in line with the IP 68 protection level. There are two main options available:

  • Heavy-duty metal body construction
  • UV resistant lightweight material

Both are ready for 12- and 24-fiber standard fiber counts operating in a temperature range of ‑40/+70 degrees.

The ruggedized connectors can be terminated on a variety of outdoor types of cables to meet different levels of

  • Rodent protection
  • Mechanical handling possibilities – flexibility
  • Bend limitation and outer diameters

Connectivity can be realised either like a PLUG + BULKHEAD or as an INLINE option.

The metal-based design also offers a unique installation feature. In case of deployment in areas with a limited space, only the pure MPO/MTP terminated cable can be installed. Once the MPO/MTP connector is in place, the ruggedised part can be separately assembled to meet the IP protection level.

For more information, contact your sales representative.