Robust, flexible and thin at the same time

Some fiber optic connections have to be more reliable and downtime-proof than standard cabling. Examples include backbone links, connections in rural areas or difficult-to-reach and operate places such as antennas or places which require special access permission. Robust cabling that protects the installed connection from accidental damage or improper handling is a must, reducing the risk of network downtime and reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

Sometimes there is no additional space for conduit or duct pipes that offer additional protection for backbone links or end-user connections. Sylex offers patch cords with steel spiral armour that provides additional protection for installed patch cords and pigtails. An armoured jacket protects the delicate fibers, offering robust protection and flexibility for installation and routing at the same time. Armoured patch cords allow the installation of fiber optic cabling in environments where fiber installation may often fail, such as in street cabinets of mobile antenna base stations.

High crush resistance and kink resistance is also needed in the last connection in FTTH networks, where the patch cords may be improperly handled by the end user.

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