10 days experiences in company life with implemented COVID-19 prevention measures

Dear Friends,

all of us want to remain safe and healthy but also keep our companies operational in these difficult times. Not every country has taken preventive measures at the same time, this guideline may help to those who have started just recently. Also, not everyone can take home-office. Having already 10 days of experiences with implemented COVID-19 prevention measures at Sylex, we respectfully share these simple recommendations to all our industry friends around Europe and World. May some of those help you keeping your employees and families safer! Sylex is 270-employee manufacturing company with 4 production floors and several administration offices in our premises. Feel free to adapt to your conditions.

Safety improvements at working place (both production and offices)

  • Nominate COVID-19 response and prevention team in your organization
  • Mandatory wearing of face protection masks for all employees with no exception
  • Buy or do inhouse production of 250ml disinfection liquids according to WHO recipe.
    o Put those on every working place (cleaning of working tables, mobile phones, keyboards, mouse, … )
    o Put those on reception for every person to use it before entering your premises
  • Mandatory soap handwashing as often as possible (this the most effective measure together with facemasks)
  • Sanitary or alcohol cleaning of all touch-intensive spaces every two hours (door handles, coffee machines, printing machines, … )
  • Overall disinfection spraying of inhouse spaces
  • Regularly open windows for fresh air during lunchtime and other breaks
  • Allow additional short breaks for people to walk outside
  • Adapt working hours to minimize the unnecessary contact

Professional social distancing

  • Cancel immediately all business trips or visit
  • Mandatory home quarantine to all returning from abroad
  • All person occurring small signs of any illness immediately to be transferred to home quarantine
  • No entry into premises for other than employees
  • Logistics or services visitors allowed only if wearing face masks and gloves
  • Minimize elevator use whenever possible 2/2
  • Don’t hand-shake with colleagues
  • With facemasks off (eating at work, drinking coffee or taking walks outside) keep few meters distance between each other
  • Use masks even outside company premises:
    o Especially if travelling together in cars
    o Using public transportation
    o Visiting shops or even walking on the streets
  • Stay at home as much as possible in these weeks, use home-office if possible


  • Hand washing procedure visualized at each rest room
  • Protective masks manipulation procedures adopted from WHO visualized at common places
  • Manual for correct mobile phones and company telephones disinfection
  • Continuous communication of introduced measures with all employees
  • Support your employees and their families to mitigate fear or panic

Even if your countries don’t regulate this yet, you can always do something more in your company. After 10 days we remain fully operational and both our production and offices remain open for our employees. Nothing is granted, but responsibility of each employee is the key.

Feel free to contact me via for any question and we are happy to help you. Our corona response team will gladly provide you our existing manuals or visualizations or anything else.