25th Sylex Anniversary

Dear all,

I am proud to announce that today is the day our company Sylex celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Twenty-five years, a quarter of a century – that is a long time for an organisation not just to survive, but also to be successful. We have made it from two people in an office and three operators without the benefit of high-tech tools to a business that now serves a global clientele, provides a number of products and services and gives work to more than 250 employees, which is quite an achievement.

Any company is only as strong as its employees. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the incredible employees of Sylex, both past and present. All of them have contributed so much and in so many ways to make our company what it is today. Thank you for your support and for your commitment. You are the best.

We are honoured to have been a part of the fibre optic community for the past two and a half decades with the vision to grow with our customers and build a long-term partnership with them. A big thank you to our customers for their support, loyalty and belief in us and our abilities while always challenging us to be better. Without them, Sylex would not be celebrating this noteworthy milestone. This anniversary may also give them another good reason to trust us and do business with us again in the future. Many of these people have even become friends and advisors, allowing us to grow and learn individually, and as a company. Thank you for your attitude and great relationship.

I would like to point out that the good reputation Sylex has come to enjoy in the market has hinged on the support and contribution of our valuable suppliers. They also deserve our thanks. Keep up the good work and we will be looking forward to continuing an excellent business relationship with you. Our team is delighted to work with you.

We have some exciting times ahead of us and we hope that all of you can join us as we head into our next 25 years.

Dana Synaková, CEO

Bratislava, 29th of May 2020