Bullet-style pulling solution for single MPO/MTP back-bone cables

When it is necessary to install a simple but long single-trunk cable with an MTP connector terminated on a micro-core cable, the question of how to pull it through the cable ducts needs to be solved. Thin 12- or 24-fibre cables without a central strength element (FRP) are not suitable for a pulling type of installation. However, this can be solved by using so-called double-jacket cables, which have one additional layer of aramid yarn and a second outer jacket. An additional layer of aramid yarn can also be used for pulling purposes.

Sylex is introducing a new pulling solution for single-trunk MPO/MTP backbone cables in which the pulling force is transmitted to the second layer of aramid yarn. This way, the stress does not affect the signal transmitted by the optical fibres placed inside the cable structure. The MPO/MTP connector is protected by a bullet-shaped plastic pulling rod, which is secured behind the connector to an M16 size cable grommet. After installation, the plastic bullet is easily unscrewed, and the cable grommet may serve to fix the cable to the back side of the patch panel.

This solution is applicable on single trunks with 12-fibres as well as with 24-fibre MTP connectors.

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