Extended MXC® certification

Sylex is proud to announce that it has extended its MXC® certification with the termination of PRIZM® MT four-row ferrules by which is has completed offering of full range of lensed ferrules from company US Conec.

The MXC® connector is a new space-saving connector optimized for the new lensed expanded-beam PRIZM® MT ferrules. The MXC connector is designed for high-density applications as its PCB area footprint is 59% lower and features a 40% reduction in faceplate area when compared with traditional MPO/MTP connectors. It consists of fewer components and does not need a traditional adapter as the one-piece receptacle becomes part of the internal MXC jumper. The MXC connector uses a smaller spring force (∼2,5N vs 10-20N), making it a suitable solution for backplane solutions and applications which require multiple matings.

The lensed PRIZM® MT ferrule is the more debris-insensitive option in comparison to traditional MT ferrules. With the same size as a traditional MT ferrule, its capacity reaches up to 64 fibers – four rows with 16 fibers each. Such a high density with no requirement of physical contact during mating is a suitable solution for applications with very high signal density such as high-performance computers and high-density fiber switches.