Fiber Optic cabling onsite repair

Onsite repair of fiber-optic cabling

In all data networks, the most essential condition is that service runs without any line-downs. Project managers are aware of almost all of the potential issues which can jeopardize the on-time start of the services intended for a customer and they wisely select suppliers offering the highest quality components. Despite the high quality of factory made and tested fiber-optic harnesses and the skillful teams which maintain cabling infrastructure in its best shape, unexpected damage caused by accidental mishandling may lead to service line-down. At that moment, express issue resolution may begin. This can include service re-routing, damaged part replacement, etc. However, exchanging a damaged cabling network part is not always possible, especially in cases where:

  • pigtail splicing is not a solution,
  • long trunk cables are installed in ceiling or floor ducts in a complicated route,
  • it is not possible to add new trunk cable to the network due to insufficient free space in ducts,
  • installation of new trunk cable is too costly, or even not possible, for any reason,
  • one connector has a problem (in the case of multi-fiber trunks) and all others are in service, etc.

Sylex s.r.o. has started offering a new service for such cases – Onsite repair of fiber-optic cabling. 

With a portable, state-of-the-art set of manufacturing devices, quality inspection systems and optical parameter meters, Sylex’s specialists are able to perform an onsite repair of a damaged connection within a very short period of time. The repaired connector has the same features and quality level as the factory made one. The materials used, consumables expended and the quality acceptance criteria are identical to those implemented during the standard manufacturing process.

This service includes re-termination of multi-fiber MPO/MTP 12F and 24F connectors, re-termination of single-fiber LC/PC, LC/APC, SC/PC, SC/APC, FC/PC and FC/APC connectors terminated on both single and multimode fibers as well as repair of cable breakout and fanout units.

The main benefits obtained by using this service include: speed of repair – possibly averting penalties incurred from not running service; uninterrupted service running on other fiber links of multi-fiber trunks; and cost savings achieved by uninstalling a damaged trunk and installing a new one.

We wish all cabling network teams the best of luck and that they never have to face such issues, but in case they do happen, our team is ready to help you out of your troubles. With this new service in mind, you can better manage your risk and reduce the potential for service drop-out.

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