Fibre optic harnesses with Prizm® LightTurn® connector

SYLEX offers a wide range of harnesses with Prizm® LightTurn® connectors which support connection to on-board active components through mechanical-optical interface (MOI) or direct connection to Broadcom MiniPOD and MicroPOD modules.

The Prizm® LightTurn® connector, designed by US Conec, is a miniature detachable connector which connects fibres’ optic path through lenses to active components on the PCB. The connector design allows up to 12 fibres, optimised for multi-mode 50um fibre size and a wavelength of 850nm. Connector hardware is available for two basic cable constructions – for bare ribbon cable and thin round cable with 2mm outer jacket. A harness with the Prizm® LightTurn® connector on one side is typically terminated on the other side by a multi-fibre connector like MT, MTP®, Prizm® MT or MXC®, which are usually used as the equipment interface on the card edge.

SYLEX offers harnesses with a basic 12-fibre connector-to-connector design as well as more complicated fanouts with a high fibre count connector on one end (e.g. MT/MTP 24/48/72 fibre, MXC 24/48f) and few Prizm® LightTurn® connectors on the other end.

You can check out the available standard design on our webpage or contact our sales representative with your request.