The SYLEX bee

We welcome new members to our SYLEX community – the SYLEX bee. 

In addition to their own employees, customers and business, every responsible company also takes care of the environment. ISO 14001 is more or less “a driving licence”, setting up standard environmental rules and behaviours, but it is always good if we take one or more steps further.

One of the environmental projects we have started at SYLEX this year is the SYLEX bee. Because of climate change and other human activities, the population of the insect is rapidly shrinking. Everyone knows the quote “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live”. We do not know if it would actually be four years, or if this is a low or high estimate, but would like to help our mother Earth through this small contribution and increase the bee population by building several hives in the backyard of our property.

The popularity of urban beekeeping is increasing; bees are part of our city lives. The quality of honey from urban hives is as high as from meadows and forests. Our employees welcome this environmental activity and are looking forward to tasting the first honey from the SYLEX bee. And who knows, maybe there will also be a few spoons of honey left for you!