Flexo Fan-Out

The Flexo Fan-Out is yet another reliable method Sylex provides for directly terminating outdoor or universal multi-fibre cables. This robust, factory-made breakout point with aluminium body is able to accommodate between 12 and 144 fibres.

The tensile force from the input cable is distributed through the aramid yarns through an inner epoxy filling to the top ring, which holds output tubing that can handle over 1,000 N of force.


  • Compatible with outdoor cables with outside diameters between 7 and 16mm.
  • Supports from 12 up to 144 fibres, all with standard output tubing.
  • Epoxy-filled aluminium body.
  • Modular design where one body can handle different types of rings, enabling the use of various numbers of tubes to cover a wide range of applications.
  • The construction of the FLEXO breakout ensures minimal disruption on IL.
  • Suggested additional equipment may include: bend limiter for main cable, bracket for fixation to patch panels (d-holder) or pulling and protection hose for connectors.