PM fibre-based solutions

Polarisation-maintaining fibres (PM fibres) are used in specific applications where the polarisation effect (maintaining signal polarisation state) plays a major role and directly influences the functionality of the whole system. PM fibres are typically used in interferometers, sensing solutions (gyroscopes and accelerometers) and modulators in combination with laser sources considered for transmitters designed for on-board optics solutions.

Practical usage of PM fibres is always combined with specific types of connectors which are designed with alignment keys. Against this key, the polarisation state of the signal is oriented either in SLOW or FAST axes of propagation direction. SYLEX now extends its activity by offering passive interconnectivity solutions based primarily on PANDA PM fibres and single-fibre FC, LC, SC and MU connectors, achieving low insertion loss values and high polarisation extinction ratio (PER).


  • Low values of insertion loss; typical value ≤ 0.25dB
  • High PER values; ≥ 25dB
  • APC and UPC connector options
  • PANDA PM fibres