New SYLEX packaging for 1U Patch panels

The product requires equally effective packaging in order to be the best. SYLEX has developed a new packaging for one of their bestselling products – 1U 19″ patch panels. With this new strong and solid packaging made of cardboard the patch panels are well protected against being dropped or crushed, against vibrations and possible damage caused during transport.

The new patch panel packaging SYLEX will release in 2Q/2015 is well designed to be able to accommodate standard 1U 19″patch panels (mainly used for splicing pigtails on backbone cables) as well as 1U 19″ patch panels used as a part of SYLEX’s MTP panel system. The primary (distribution) carton box will safely hold and store standard patch panels in a variety of product combinations, for instance patch panel body only, patch panel assembled just with front and back plates without adapters as well as fully loaded patch panels with adapters, pigtails, splice cassettes and cable glands installed in back entries. The patch panel of SYLEX’s MTP panel system can be packed and delivered as an empty patch panel or a patch panel with assembled MTP-LC cassettes or MTP adapters plates.

The primary box is bright white in order to underline the product’s quality and clean environment which fundamental for successful fiber optic installation. The master (warehouse) carton box serves as transport and warehouse packaging and its capacity is five primary cartons. With outer dimensions of 600x400x300mm it perfectly fits Euro-pallets, so during transport and warehouse storage the maximum available space can be used.

Everybody knows that nowadays product packaging matters. Our company has undertaken a strong commitment to bring to our customers not just the finest quality products, but also the best packaging. Our packaging design takes into consideration not only high quality but also attractive design, cost and environmental aspects.

The product change notification for packaging of 1U 19″ panels will be launched shortly and our sales team will contact all customers with more details.


  • Improved crush protection against
  • Ability to accommodate all 1U 19″ patch panel options:
    • Patch panel body only
    • Patch panel with front place and back plates
    • Patch panel loaded with adapters (and pigtails) and cable glands
    • Patch panel loaded with MTP modules and adapter plates
    • Dimensions for ideal warehouse storage and loading on a euro-pallet