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OPC-01 Outdoor Protective Cover for spot-weldable sensors

The OPC-01 is outdoor protective cover for spot-weldable sensors.

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  • White color
  • Polycarbonate material – UV stabilized
  • Compact dimensions: 140x80x25mm
  • IP 66 or IP 671) protection
  • Wide temperature range -20 to +70⁰C
  • Cover to surface isolation: (NBR, Neoprene, Silicone sealing)
  • Cable isolation: self-isolating design (does not require additional elements on the cable such as gland – the cable is squeezed down between the plastic flange of the cover and the surface of the object on which the sensor is installed).

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Voltage requirement: 220V, 50Hz, 3A breaker protection

Nominal weld energy: 1 – 300 Joules

Operating temperature range: -5 °C  to +40 °C

Net weight (w/o cables): 5 kg


Type: Spot weldable strain sensor

Application: Surface mountable

Installation method: Direct screwable or spotweldable using spot-weld extender

Pre-strain setup: At installation

Temperature compensation: Integrated in the sensor body

The previous generation of the product is SWS-01

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