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SWS-03 Spot weldable strain sensor

Type: Short gauge spot-weldable strain sensor

Application: Strain changes detection, steel deformations, can be mounted on different surfaces including pipelines, walls, etc.

Installation method: Surface-mountable using spot-welding, or gluing to the surface.

Pre-strain setup: At installation

Temperature compensation: Externally

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  • SWS-03 is a short gauge spot-weldable strain sensor measuring strain changes in µɛ or extensions (elongation) in µm
  • SWS-03 can be connected in a series configuration.
  • Surface-mountable using spot-welding, or gluing to the surface.
  • Adjustable pre-strain during installation.
  • Strain changes detection
  • Steel deformations, etc…
  • Can be mounted on different surfaces including pipelines, walls, etc.

Product Specification

Performance properties
Strain range1)
Accuracy (guaranteed)2)
<0.50% FS4)
Accuracy (typical)2)
<0.23% FS4)
Precision (guaranteed)3)
<0.25% FS4)
Precision (typical)3)
<0.15% FS4)
Strain sensitivity 1,2pm/µɛ
Operating Temperature range -20°C to +60°C
Ingress Protection rating IP 67
Physical properties
Housing material
Stainless steel SS316L – 1.4404
Anchoring distance
Not applicable
Dimensions (without cable)4)
65 x 28 x 8 mm
Weight (without cable)
68 g
Cable type
3mm Dyneema reinforced cable
Cable length5) 1mtr
Cable Bend Radius (dynamic)
Cable Bend Radius (static)
Connector type6)
Mounting method Glue or spot welding
Packaging Cardboard box with dimensions: 370 x 290 x 45mm
Quality Statement SWS-03 sensor is compliant with IEC 61757:2018 and IEC 61757-1-1:2020. All sensors are 100% tested and calibrated at SYLEX. Sensor is manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004


  • 1) The strain range is possible to extend to ±2000µɛ
  • 2) Accuracy is established for each sensor under laboratory conditions and it includes hysteresis, non-linearity, and repeatability of the sensor
  • 3) Precision is established on a batch basis and it includes hysteresis, non-linearity, repeatability, and reproducibility of the sensor.
  • 4) FS: full-scale range
  • 5) For further dimensions details see the product drawing
  • 6) Cable length is extendable on request
  • 7) Other connector types available on request

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Voltage requirement: 220V, 50Hz, 3A breaker protection

Nominal weld energy: 1 – 300 Joules

Operating temperature range: -5 °C  to +40 °C

Net weight (w/o cables): 5 kg


WCP-01 is a IP67 watertight connector protection for FC/APC connectors

LCP-03 is an optional product modification for extending sensors cable lengths.

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